Frederick Schweitzer: Spring 2007

"Confronting Anti-Semitsm: A Scholar's Life"


Rene Lemarchand: Spring 2007

"The Rwandan Genocide and the Politics of Memory"

First Encounter with Revolution in Rwanda

Memory & Denial

The Truth & Causes of Genocide

Holocaust Analogy

What Should Be Remembered


Eric Reeves: Fall 2007

"A Long Day's Dying: Genocide by Attrition in Darfur"

The 21st Century's First Genocide and Our Response

The Genocide and The Refugees

The Janjaweed and Race

Imitating Past Examples of Inaction

Putting Diplomatic Pressure on China


Jonathan Steinberg: Spring 2007

"Fascist Italy's Conspiracy to Save Jews, 1941-1943"

War Criminals Make an Exception

Fraternization Among Jews, Italians, and Serbs

Letter to Mussolini About Gassing of Jews

German Influence Over Italians


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